Shanghai FTA sea Tao "regular army" members of the public appetite.

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Not long ago, has opened six months Shanghai FTA sales center, suddenly by consumers repeng. Not to open the door and there are a lot of people queued up to buy the legendary, a lot cheaper imported wine, beef, seafood.

However, not very convenient traffic, Monday to Friday work day Business Hours, also let many people and step back to thesales center. "In fact, in addition to direct sales center, trade and other areas around the head." A shopping Master recommend to reporters, "cross-border", it is Shanghai FTA countries cross-border trade e-commerce platform. Sales center compared the main push fresh food, more elderly people in love, "cross-border" seem to be able to cater to the tastes of young people.

Shanghai FTA sea Tao "regular army" members of the public appetite.

Cross border pass: here the sea are more at ease

Pretty much, South Korean goods diaper cost-effective; less than 50 yuan can be exempted from tariffs, but not without reason to return

The tariff is lower than 50 yuan can be exempted from

Dont accept no reason to return

"Cross-border" electric business platform is composed of Shanghai Oriental pay limited company to undertake construction ofoperational responsibilities, the main business of goods including clothing, apparel, baby products, 3C electronic products,cosmetics, bags and other 6 categories, positioning in the high-end. Each product price tags, tariffs and logistics costs also stick out a mile.

Tariff wrote: single order tax at 50 yuan (including 50 yuan) can be exempted from, more than 50 yuan to pay the tariff. And the purchase of goods flow basically is this: when place an order and payment, can import customs audit system, the audit process takes about 2~3 working days, after approval by the customs supervision warehouse distribution package, then automatically scan out operation maintenance, by express delivery. If the customs does not pass the examination, by the customer contact the buyer a refund. A whole set of process go down, takes about 3~10 working days.

In addition, can be seen in terms of service: in view of the special nature of cross-border electronic commerce, the seller does not accept goods exchange or refund, the refund without reason. A replacement or return, refund occurs due to product quality problems, the seller may entrust the relevant units for a replacement, return of goods and refund.

Diaper milk is very cost-effective

Buy luxury goods than parity

Then in the "cross-border" shopping how affordable? Young mothers are most in need of diapers and baby milk powder is the most cost-effective. For example, Kao diapers L No. 54 / bag, Taobao up in the price of about 160 yuan, a mother said she had a promotion in a baby supplies store to buy 150 yuan, but in the "cross-border" this diaper is only 125 yuan (two packages sell),12.5 tariff element can be exempted from. Then have a look of milk powder, Han Guowei mommy baby milk powder 1 segment(750 grams) Taobao on purchasing prices from 218 yuan to 268 yuan ranging from a tank tank, in the "cross-border" 3 potpackage price is 426 yuan, the same exemption.

However, want to buy a bag to buy luxury goods, you need to price. From the "cross-border" the origin of the goods, South Korean goods accounted for no small proportion, but the price advantage is obvious. For example, young trendsetter lovebrands MCM, visetos Vivid Viestos series Pink Ladies Wallet Taobao purchasing price is in 1300~1400 yuan between, "cross-border" tax after the price of 996 yuan. But other luxury isnt what the price advantage, for example, Saint Laurent Paris Y classicred leather buckle long womens handbag, "cross-border" after tax price of 7150 yuan, Taobao purchasing price in 6800 yuan.

Types of goods are not enough.

Here the sea are more at ease

Many people in the "the first feeling of cross-border links" in a circle around it is, the types of goods, the brand is not much. If it is affordable shopping, such as mothers buy diapers, milk powder, to choose here is very good, but if it is a "black sheep"shopping, the optional room is still relatively small.

For example, the MCM brand, "cross-border" on the sale of a series of relative to the old, its classic backpack not one. For example, the cosmetics, the Korean cosmetics accounted for half of the country a few big, Europe and the United States Department of. At present, can be found in Bottega Veneta, luxury goods is Chloe, Saint Laurent Paris, Cartier, Dunhill, Fendi,Ferragamo, Dolce&Gabbana these, the sale of goods design less, mainly for the wallet, sunglasses and package.

However, here the sea Tao is more wash at. It is understood, at present in this platform, businesses are registered with the customs, compared to some other Tao sea platform, "cross-border" is more like a "regular army". In this way, even if the price is higher than other purchasing expensive, can ensure that the buy authentic, but also the value of the.

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